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AIRNERGY for self-regulation - acute, curative, preventive.

Airnergy method (Somatovitalisierung )consists of three pillars:

Spirovitalisation ( breathing ) - Gastrovitalisierung ( drinking ) - Dermovitalisierung ( streams )

The Spirovitalisation reduces the breathing and heart rate, condition for regeneration ( detectable HRV test = ECG technology ) .

Spirovitalisation and Dermovitalisierung reduce free radicals, measurably increasing ATP (the main source of energy in cells as a determinant of life ).

The Airnergy method is applicable to organic and functional disorders in both, as between the cells (cell medium ) - inaccessible to conventional medicine.

Compared to previous methods : non-ozone , ionization, supply of foreign substances or highly concentrated oxygen - without side effects.

We wish you the confidence to try something that our body has always known, the spirit of the Enlightenment can but forgotten until you experienced it again.

Airnergy received in October 2014 Science Award of the IPO (International Prevention Organization)

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