Guido Bierther in conversation with Nicole Renneberg

On the occasion of AIRNERGY’s 18th birthday, Nicole Renneberg, moderator of the Berlin Health Lounge, visited the company in Hennef with her film team on 21 November 2018 and interviewed company founder and managing director Guido Bierther on important fundamental and current AIRNERGY topics. In the first part of the interview, which will also be featured on the health lounge website in the series “Health Tips”, Bierther first explained what distinguishes AIRNERGY – a company, a brand and a method at the same time.

He pointed out that AIRNERGY technology improves the nutritional value of our breathing atmosphere by mimicing a crucial process of photosynthesis. The vitalizers – the name of the AIRNERGY breathing apparatus – should be a natural part of our everyday life; They would help all people who want to do good for their own health, fitness and well-being, Bierther emphasized: these included, in addition to entrepreneurs, athletes, patients, doctors and therapists in general, all health- and nutrition-conscious people. Eight out of ten users, according to the experience, would benefit from the AIRNERGY course, although this could not always be the case immediately after the first breathing action.

In addition, Bierther outlined the development of his company – “with all the ups and downs that also characterized the development of a human being up to the age of majority”. Particularly pleasing is the high recognition of the company, which AIRNERGY has received in recent years and which has led to numerous awards and prizes – for example, the century-old award for innovation and the science award, which has only been awarded once. In the meantime, many cooperations with universities and scientific institutions have emerged worldwide, in particular with scientists from the Department of Physics, a science with which it was possible to prove the success of AIRNERGY technology. Another milestone in AIRNERGY’s history was the decision to set up the Hennef site and its expansion. But he found “the human encounters at all levels” to be particularly valuable, Bierther concluded.